Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sunday November 29 2015–Speech and Portrait Modification

We had a really pleasant evening at the Surrey Swans this week.

Louise Milner-Smith who is a Voice and Speech Coach, Qualified Speech and Language Therapist visited us and talked about the work that she has done and continues to do in the area of voice modification, particularly in relation to transgender people.


The kind of topics that Louise covered included:


-        Who am I

-        What do I do

-        Background & relevant experience

Getting help – what matters most?

-        Qualifications

-        Experience

-        Cost

-        Location – hospital / clinic or private setting

-        Length of initial appointment & follow-up appointment

-        Group or One to One

-        Face to face or online (including video consultation)

Which voice for you – how to decide?

How to look after your voice – general tips

Open forum questions & answers

It was really interesting and helpful.

Louise has a strong personal commitment to helping Transgender people. It was great to meet her and spend some time talking with her.

There are contact details for Louise here if you’d like to find out more.

After speaking with us Louise stayed for the rest of the evening chatting with people.

Here’s Louise with Linda and Adele.

P1090020 copy

We also had a visit from Ernielson Limbo. Ernielson is a second year  BA Photography student at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. Ernielson is working on a project on The Third Gender. Part of this involves merging portrait photographs of people with the text of things they have said to produce abstract representations.

Once the images are available I’ll post a link to them.

It was great to meet Ernielson, and once he had the portraits and text that he needed he stayed around and chatted with people.

Here’s Gina, Mia and Laura with Ernielson.

P1090017 copy


We had a visit from a film crew of students way back in November 2013 as described here.

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