Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Words of thanks and inspiration

Hi Ladies Thank you so much for allowing me to present about coaching at the last Surrey Swans meeting. I felt honoured and wanted to thank you for accepting me into your meeting with such friendliness and curiosity. I just wanted you to read this visualization piece if you would, just to get an idea of how wonderful you really are:

Have you ever dared to believe that “you are accepted as you!!!?” Smile

What is it that stops you from letting yourself go with friends and family and telling them that you are a transvestite? I am not telling you to do this, I am just asking you the question………….

What if that certain barrier that stopped you from telling people this fact was lifted and that you could tell anyone you wanted that you love to dress. That you desire to dress and that if you don’t dress you will explode with sadness and inability to actually be yourself.

Please indulge me and meditate/visualize with me. I intend to create a world for you to imagine that you are accepted by society, by loved ones and friends dear to you.

Find a place that is relaxing and either say these sentences to yourself in your head or aloud if you can………….

Please take a few deep breaths, relax into that chair, focus on the words you are saying and believe in every word that you say…………..


I am
I am a good person
I am liked by my colleagues at work and loved by my friends at home
I am loved especially by my family.
I can achieve goals that I have set
I can lead an amazing life of things that I love to be and do.
I am me
I am good at being me
There is no one else like me
And I love that.
I love that because I am unique; there is no one like me because I am a perfect example of me.
I love being me.
People love me being me
People who cannot accept me as me have a choice to do so, however miss out on my uniqueness if they do not choose to accept who I am.
I accept me as me
I accept that I am not perfect in all eyes, but who is?
I understand that I cannot be accepted by all, however who can?
My life is great, my morals are set high and I expect to be treated as I treat others.
I do not hurt anyone and am kind and peaceful when I can be.
I am me
I am  

And now I ask you to fill in the rest of the sentence for yourself:

To be totally and utterly accepted by society, friends and family would allow me to be………………..

If you could feel this every day, what would this do to your confidence? If you knew that you could walk out that door any way you wanted to dress and feel alive and accepted, how would that make you feel?

Could you do that do you think? How could you do that? If you would like to talk about your confidence, or work on any issues or goals that you have set in the future and need assistance to achieve, or just want to by you, but not sure how to do that, give me a call or send me a mail and we can get together and start now!


Happy days being YOU! Smile
Hopefully see you again soon. If you would like to discuss any aspirations or goals or issues you would like to achieve or put to bed, please contact me below. We can discuss confidence, femininity, stress, time management, work life-balance, diet exercise and nutrition or anything you feel you want to be coached on.
Have fun
Andrea Chapman
Life-style coach
07718 155408

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