Sunday, 9 December 2012

November 25 2012

The meeting on Sunday 25th November was, as ever, great. There were about 20 girls there. For several people it was their visit, and even a first trip out as a girl in public.

One of the nicest things about Surrey Swans is that it provides a safe and friendly environment for transgendered people to “come out”. The girls that attend the meeting are very friendly and easy to get along with. All us us remember those first frightening steps out into the world.

The day before the November meeting I received an email that mentioned:

I intend to give … her first proper outing tomorrow night and come along. Must admit am very nervous, but looking fwd to it. I will be the one arriving about 830 looking terrified!

It was really great to meet her. She looked great and despite the feelings of terror en-route to the meeting, settled into things very quickly.

If you’re reading this and are transgendered and haven’t been able to express that other part of yourself then feel free to get in touch and come along to a meeting sometime.

However … there isn’t a meeting in December, the next one is on Sunday January 27 2013. Dates for the rest of next year are here.

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