Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Meet the Swans … Laura


Your name: Laura Jane Buckingham

Your photograph:


Year of your birth:  1969

Where you were born:   Bermondsey, London

Where you now live:    Bracknell

How long have you been involved with Surrey Swans?  About 3 years or so I think

How would you describe your transgendered-ness right now?   I'm dressed most evenings. Happy with the term transvestite.

How has that developed over the years?  Very nicely thank you, lol. Been dressing from when I was a kid and developed over the years.

Who else knows about it and how do they feel? My lovely mum knows and is cool with it.

How do you find people react when you are out in “public”? I rarely have a problem, depends what your up to I guess. 

What do you most like to wear? Knee length skirts, stockings, nice top or blouse.

Any embarrassing moments? I feel asleep (late) one night in pink punters and dear Andrea caught me on camera. Thanks hun. lol. (you know I love you Andrea)

Favourite things: Music means a lot to me, Rock 'n' Roll baby. F1 also.

Do you have a website or blog? You can find me on tvchix as laurajanebuckingham. Also flirtomatic as rockchick27

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