Monday, 1 August 2011

Meet the Swans … Tina

Your name: Tina

Your photograph:

Tina at Windsor

Year of your birth:  1944

Where you were born: Darlington

Where you now live: near Reading

What kind of work do you do? Retired, but active in voluntary sector

How long have you been involved with Surrey Swans and do you get to many of the meetings?  Since 2008 and I try to attend most meetings 

How would you describe your transgendered-ness right now? I feel confident enough to go out to Pubs and Restaurants, I usually manage about 3 times a month. Dressing up to go out always gives me a buzz, the saddest part is going back into male mode after.

How has that developed over the years? I really only started about 15 years ago, in the proverbial closet. Later with help from newly found "tranny" friends I became more confident and it has just grown from there.

How do you find people react when you are out in “public”? Sometimes just a "second" glance, but people are not generally so observant to create any obvious comment.

What do you most like to wear? I love to wear short skirts and dresses and especially with high leather boots. I also like colourful tunics with leggings. 

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