Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday 27th November

There were about 18 of us at the meeting in November. It was really good to see everyone after not being able to make it last month.

There are a couple of new girls that have made it to meetings over the past few months and it’s been great to get to know them a bit. One all the way from Transylvania.

If you’re reading this and would like to join us sometime then please feel free to send an email for more information (

Topics of conversation varied from the usual girlie kind of things … to the early stages of planning a trip to Sparkle 2012 and a trip to Pink Punters sometime in the New Year. And also even a little on the Gospel according to Matthew … now that is intriguing.

If you’re planning on getting to Sparkle or Pink Punters … or would like to know more about them … again … please feel free to send an email.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Sunday 30th October

I wasn’t able to get along to the meeting on 30th October … but Laura kindly took over for the evening … so many thanks Laura sweetie.

Several other regulars couldn't get along either, but there was a “newbie” which is always really nice. There were twelve people in all.

If you are reading this and you’d like to come along sometime … dates of meetings for 2011 are here and info on what we do and how to contact us is here.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Meet the Swans … Laura


Your name: Laura Jane Buckingham

Your photograph:


Year of your birth:  1969

Where you were born:   Bermondsey, London

Where you now live:    Bracknell

How long have you been involved with Surrey Swans?  About 3 years or so I think

How would you describe your transgendered-ness right now?   I'm dressed most evenings. Happy with the term transvestite.

How has that developed over the years?  Very nicely thank you, lol. Been dressing from when I was a kid and developed over the years.

Who else knows about it and how do they feel? My lovely mum knows and is cool with it.

How do you find people react when you are out in “public”? I rarely have a problem, depends what your up to I guess. 

What do you most like to wear? Knee length skirts, stockings, nice top or blouse.

Any embarrassing moments? I feel asleep (late) one night in pink punters and dear Andrea caught me on camera. Thanks hun. lol. (you know I love you Andrea)

Favourite things: Music means a lot to me, Rock 'n' Roll baby. F1 also.

Do you have a website or blog? You can find me on tvchix as laurajanebuckingham. Also flirtomatic as rockchick27

Monday, 26 September 2011

September 25th Meeting

The Swans meeting on September 25th was, as ever, really nice. I hadn’t managed to get along to the meeting in August … I was away on holiday … so Linda kindly organised things then.

It was especially nice to meet three newcomers … Rachel, Lucy and Jen. It was great as well to see Michelle again who first came along in July. And great as well to see and catch up a little with so many other friends. There were eighteen people in all, a really nice kind of number.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Meet the Swans … Tina

Your name: Tina

Your photograph:

Tina at Windsor

Year of your birth:  1944

Where you were born: Darlington

Where you now live: near Reading

What kind of work do you do? Retired, but active in voluntary sector

How long have you been involved with Surrey Swans and do you get to many of the meetings?  Since 2008 and I try to attend most meetings 

How would you describe your transgendered-ness right now? I feel confident enough to go out to Pubs and Restaurants, I usually manage about 3 times a month. Dressing up to go out always gives me a buzz, the saddest part is going back into male mode after.

How has that developed over the years? I really only started about 15 years ago, in the proverbial closet. Later with help from newly found "tranny" friends I became more confident and it has just grown from there.

How do you find people react when you are out in “public”? Sometimes just a "second" glance, but people are not generally so observant to create any obvious comment.

What do you most like to wear? I love to wear short skirts and dresses and especially with high leather boots. I also like colourful tunics with leggings. 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

June and July 2011 Meetings

The meeting in June was a little on the small side, but very enjoyable nonetheless. There were eleven of us altogether.

It was a warm sunny evening so we sat outside – the room that we meet in has a secluded outside area where it’s nice to sit when the weather is kind enough.

Traditionally the July meeting is a barbecue. Unfortunately this year with things all a-changing at the moment we’re giving the barbecue a miss – but there will still be a regular meeting on Sunday July 31st, so please come along of you can. The ‘Meetings’ page has contact information if you’d like more information.

A few of us spent a weekend at Sparkle earlier in July. If you’d like to hear what the Government Minister for Equalities is thinking on gender related issues then you can hear it all here:

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Meet the Swans … Andrea

This is the first in what I hope to be a semi-regular series of opportunities for people that go to Surrey Swans meetings to say a little bit about themselves.

There’s no set format for this … so it will vary.

Since I’ve yet to organise willing volunteers to share their secrets … I’ll go first.

Your name: Andrea

Your photograph:

 Andrea 156_830x768

Year of your birth: 1954 

Where you were born: Rochdale

Where you now live: Windsor

What kind of work do you do? Computer software.

How long have you been involved with Surrey Swans and do you get to many of the meetings? Since July 2007 and I get along most months. I find it a great opportunity to meet friends and get to talk with all kinds of different people who are at all kinds of different stages with respect to their lives and their gender identity.

How would you describe your transgendered-ness right now? Several times a month (typically between 2 and 6, but it varies) I take the opportunity to wear makeup and wig, dress and go out and about as a girl. Stereotypes are generally inaccurate, but I guess I fall into the category of transvestite as the term is used in the UK. The girl in me is a vital part of who I am.

How has that developed over the years? As a teenager I remember trying lingerie and stockings. This continued to happen once in a while as the years passed. In 2006 or so I began to wonder what it would feel like to wear a dress or a wig or makeup. This eventually led me to booking an appointment at a dressing, makeover and photo session. And so on Sunday May 6th 2007 Andrea was born.

Who else knows about it and how do they feel? My immediate family and some friends – actually mostly friends of my wife. Attitudes vary, but the people closest to me (my wife and daughters) are actually very supportive and accepting of Andrea. So far everyone that I know that knows is prepared to accept things and almost all are very supportive.

How do you find people react when you are out in “public”? Almost always people don’t notice or if they do they show no real reaction. Once in Manchester a small piece of a banana was thrown at me I think. But I don’t know who by or why. Also in Manchester and other places people have stopped to say hello and pay compliments. On balance where there have been a reaction from people … the good far outweighs the not so good.  

What do you most like to wear? Short skirts and dresses are a favourite of mine. But I do have longer things for more everyday kind of wearing.

Any embarrassing moments? I have a front fastening bra that I wear sometimes. At Pink Punters night club once when I was leaning over the bar the front fastening came unfastened. This is especially tricky when a persons boobs aren’t actually attached to their body.

Favourite things: Indigo Girls and Chris While and Julie Matthews.

Do you have a website or blog?

Under new management

Billie and Kathie have been responsible for organising Surrey Swans meetings for the past five years or so.
Round about the end of March they explained that for reasons of health they wouldn't be able to continue and that someone new was needed.
So, I volunteered.
I'm Andrea.
The first meeting after this was actually on the last Sunday of May - 29/05/2011.
In most ways it was a pretty normal kind of meeting.
There is a new barmaid.
Laura helped organise things with the raffle.
People were very supportive and offered help in organising things whenever help is needed.
I don't expect things to change much ... though as I explained to everyone ... I don't have the culinary skills of Billie and Kathie ... so I'm a little unsure as to whether the annual July barbecue or January buffet will actually happen.
But you never know.