Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Swans on Sunday August 31 2014

The meeting last Sunday was really nice.

We had a new barmaid.

It’s always lovely to meet up with friends.

Also there were 6 new people which was especially nice. For some it was a first trip out as their transgendered selves.

It can be a bit of a nerve-racking experience for people to go out for the first time. One of the reasons that Surrey Swans exists is to provide a safe environment for this to happen. Which makes it particularly lovely to meet new people.

So, if you are transgendered and would like to meet up with like minded people but don’t know where to go … you’ll be very welcome … so do come on along!


Monday, 4 August 2014

July 2014

There were about 18 of us at the Surrey Swans meeting at the end of July. It had been a nice sunny day so we sat outside for a while and then headed indoors when it got a little chillier later on.

Here are a few pictures:





Monday, 28 April 2014

May 25th meeting replaced by a June 1st Meeting

Please note that the Surrey Swans meeting that had been scheduled for Sunday May 25th 2014 has been cancelled and replaced by one on Sunday June 1st 2014.

The complete schedule for 2014 is here.


Thursday, 27 February 2014

A few pictures

Here are a few pictures taken at Surrey Swans on Sunday.

James, Sinead and Lexy:


James, Sinead, Andrea and Lexy.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Swans on Sunday Feb 23 2014

Another really nice evening. Great to see friends.

It was great to be visited again by James, Sinead and Lexy … they visited us back in November 2013 as described here.

There are actually two versions of the video … the shorter version as submitted as part of their course work … and a slightly longer version that you can watch here:

Thank you James, Sinead, Lexy, Vlad and Zander for all the hard work that you put into this.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Sunday November 24 2013 … New Visitors and a Film Crew

The meeting on November 24 was unusual in several respects.

There were over 20 people there which was great.

There were four new people – Saffy, Gina,Carole and Louise – which was fantastic. It was great to meet them.

There was also a film crew, which was unprecedented.

There’s some background on how a film crew got to be involved in the evening here.

The crew consisted of James, Sinead, Vlad, Lexie and Xander from the University for Creative Arts, Farnham. They are making a short (5 to 7 minute) film and are including some footage from Surrey Swans.

They arrived before anyone else so that they could spend some time interviewing Mike who runs the pub where Surrey Swans meet.

At about 7:30 they dropped by the room where the Swans actually meet.

During the evening they filmed general goings on and also interviewed several volunteers.

Xander and Vlad with cameras.


Vlad lines up the shot:


Vlad, Xander, Lexie (with thumbs up) and James setting things up for an interview.


Adrianne being interviewed:


There was a band called No Lip playing in the main bar.

James asked if anyone was ok with the idea of being filmed as part of a No Lip audience. So half a dozen, or maybe more of us spent a while tapping our feet in the bar.

No Lip in the main bar:


The crew take a break. Lexie, Sinead, Vlad and Xander.


Shooting the juke box. I think the song was Girls Night Out.


Another interview:




The end of the evening: Xander, Lexie, James, Andrea, Vlad and Sinead.


We’re hoping that we’ll be re-visited by the team at the end of January 2014 so they can show us the end results of all their hard work.

For me the evening was very special for several reasons.

It’s great to spend time with friends.

It’s especially great to welcome new people to meetings.

The film crew were also great. Very friendly, helpful, unobtrusive and professional in everything that they did. Fantastic.

I feel that it’s good to open up the transgendered world to help people better understand it.

And it’s my hope that the making of the film will have helped James, Sinead, Lexie, Vlad and Xander understand us a bit better.

And that it’ll also help the tutors and other students on the course in the same way when they get to see the finished product.

The trip to the main bar was also unusual. Individuals have always done this from time to time, but it was unusual for so many of the group to be there together.

Again it’s all part of the process of making it not so unusual for transgendered people, in this case mainly transvestites, to be around in ordinary everyday kind of situations with no one feeling that it’s especially weird.

As this type of thing happens more and more, society … and individuals within society … will be given a chance to re-examine their preconceived ideas and learn to accept the transgendered simply as people.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Words of thanks and inspiration

Hi Ladies Thank you so much for allowing me to present about coaching at the last Surrey Swans meeting. I felt honoured and wanted to thank you for accepting me into your meeting with such friendliness and curiosity. I just wanted you to read this visualization piece if you would, just to get an idea of how wonderful you really are:

Have you ever dared to believe that “you are accepted as you!!!?” Smile

What is it that stops you from letting yourself go with friends and family and telling them that you are a transvestite? I am not telling you to do this, I am just asking you the question………….

What if that certain barrier that stopped you from telling people this fact was lifted and that you could tell anyone you wanted that you love to dress. That you desire to dress and that if you don’t dress you will explode with sadness and inability to actually be yourself.

Please indulge me and meditate/visualize with me. I intend to create a world for you to imagine that you are accepted by society, by loved ones and friends dear to you.

Find a place that is relaxing and either say these sentences to yourself in your head or aloud if you can………….

Please take a few deep breaths, relax into that chair, focus on the words you are saying and believe in every word that you say…………..


I am
I am a good person
I am liked by my colleagues at work and loved by my friends at home
I am loved especially by my family.
I can achieve goals that I have set
I can lead an amazing life of things that I love to be and do.
I am me
I am good at being me
There is no one else like me
And I love that.
I love that because I am unique; there is no one like me because I am a perfect example of me.
I love being me.
People love me being me
People who cannot accept me as me have a choice to do so, however miss out on my uniqueness if they do not choose to accept who I am.
I accept me as me
I accept that I am not perfect in all eyes, but who is?
I understand that I cannot be accepted by all, however who can?
My life is great, my morals are set high and I expect to be treated as I treat others.
I do not hurt anyone and am kind and peaceful when I can be.
I am me
I am  

And now I ask you to fill in the rest of the sentence for yourself:

To be totally and utterly accepted by society, friends and family would allow me to be………………..

If you could feel this every day, what would this do to your confidence? If you knew that you could walk out that door any way you wanted to dress and feel alive and accepted, how would that make you feel?

Could you do that do you think? How could you do that? If you would like to talk about your confidence, or work on any issues or goals that you have set in the future and need assistance to achieve, or just want to by you, but not sure how to do that, give me a call or send me a mail and we can get together and start now!


Happy days being YOU! Smile
Hopefully see you again soon. If you would like to discuss any aspirations or goals or issues you would like to achieve or put to bed, please contact me below. We can discuss confidence, femininity, stress, time management, work life-balance, diet exercise and nutrition or anything you feel you want to be coached on.
Have fun
Andrea Chapman
Life-style coach
07718 155408