Saturday, 23 September 2017

Corinthian Spa

At the meeting on September 3rd we had a visit from Esteller  and Stacey from Corinthian Spa.

Where a stunning complement of therapeutic and rejuvenating face and body care treatments, using only the best products with the finest ingredients awaits you…. If you are looking for amazing results, pure indulgence and total relaxation, Corinthian Spa can provide you with a haven where you will find the most incredible unique sensations, and result driven treatments.

There were close on twenty girls who got to see Esteller prepare the faces of Hannah and Rachel ready for Stacey to provide the makeover.

There were lots of hints and tips on both skin care and how to apply makeup and everyone was really appreciative. I enjoyed the evening a lot.

Esteller and Stacey stayed around to chat and offer advice throughout the evening.

Co-incidentally there was a special offer of a makeover lesson with Stacey at Corinthian Spa not long after the meeting. I, and a few others, went along  to this.

Personally speaking I found it really helpful and it’s had a positive effect upon the makeup that I use and how I apply it. SO it was really worthwhile for me.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the event:



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