Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February 26th 2012 … a visit from Femesque

There were about a dozen girls at the Surrey Swans meeting in February.

Mostly regulars, but also someone on their first outing – it’s always a great pleasure to meet someone new that’s been able to take those first steps into the world.

Lynne and Claire of Femesque paid us a visit. They arrived a little after 7:00 pm to set things up for the makeup demonstration.

Tina volunteered to be the guinea pig … though to be honest … there was no risk involved in the experiment.

Existing makeup was removed.


Then Lynne set to work on an eyebrow tidying up. You can see Claire, on the left examining them, with Lynne on the right.

The poster mentions some of the things that Femesque do. The trophies in the background, however, are part of the furnishings where we meet.


Meanwhile, Claire told us of a recent visit by a BBC film crew and Rhod Gilbert to Femesque. Rhod’s task for the show involved a whole makeover and someone had spotted the Femesque web site and thought that they would be the perfect people to do the job.

The experience, it seems, was a challenge for Rhod … and included a trip to the pub at the end of the road.

It was a great experience for all at Femesque, and it’ll be great to see it on television in the near future.

Once the eyebrows were spick and span, Claire began with the makeup … explaining things as she went along. Camouflage, foundation, shadow, liner, lips …

There goes the mascara …



It makes me smile to see the belt of brushes around Claire’s waist … reminded me lf a film I watched over the weekend, where the carpenters had belts of tools.

Lynne also passed around some of the new range of wigs that Femesque are stocking, together with a range of jewellery and talked a bit about the kind of services provided at Femesque.


It was a really enjoyable and informative evening … much appreciated by everyone.


And there was still time for the regular raffle … which included a gift voucher donated by Femesque as one of the prizes. Here’s Laura giving the back of tickets a shake-up:


So … many, many thanks to Lynne and Claire … we loved you Smile

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sunday January 29th 2012

It was great to see people for the first time in a couple of months. There were over a dozen girls altogether … quite a few regulars and also it was Rachel’s first visit. A couple of other people had been hoping to call in for their first visit but hadn’t been able to make it.

On February 26th we’re expecting a visit from Femesque … with hints and tips on makeup and a selection of new hairstyles … you’re welcome to come along.

We’ve had a couple of visits from Femesque in the past, which were great. You can read all about one of these visits and see some pictures here.