Sunday, 5 June 2011

Under new management

Billie and Kathie have been responsible for organising Surrey Swans meetings for the past five years or so.
Round about the end of March they explained that for reasons of health they wouldn't be able to continue and that someone new was needed.
So, I volunteered.
I'm Andrea.
The first meeting after this was actually on the last Sunday of May - 29/05/2011.
In most ways it was a pretty normal kind of meeting.
There is a new barmaid.
Laura helped organise things with the raffle.
People were very supportive and offered help in organising things whenever help is needed.
I don't expect things to change much ... though as I explained to everyone ... I don't have the culinary skills of Billie and Kathie ... so I'm a little unsure as to whether the annual July barbecue or January buffet will actually happen.
But you never know.

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